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blink optical

The independent optician in Conwy North Wales

Specialist Eyewear

Expert Eyecare

01492 593817

We are lens specialists

As independent opticians we can supply you with almost any brand of lens.

However we love the quality and dependability of Zeiss, as do the millions of people who wear spectacles and opt for Carl Zeiss lenses. 

Carl Zeiss Vision has been a leader in precision optics for over 100 years.

The first moon landing was recorded with Zeiss lenses, Nokia phones are equipped with Zeiss lenses and Google Earth uses Zeiss lenses in it's telescopes.

Zeiss is the inventor of the anti reflection coating and was the first company to manufacture individual, customised varifocal lenses.

Did you know that lens fitting errors can reduce the optical performance of your spectacles by up to 40%? Best vision can only be achieved if the lenses are fitted to match the shape of your face, the position of your eyes, the inclination of your head and the position of your glasses on your nose. 

As a Zeiss Vision Centre your individual measurements will be taken using the latest Zeiss mobile i.terminal computerised camera.

ZEISS centration technology allows the position of the frame and lenses to be calculated to the nearest 1/10 of a millimetre, ensuring that your new ZEISS precision lenses provide 100% performance.