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Eye Examinations


An eye test does a lot more than just check whether you need glasses.

It can also pick up early signs of eye conditions such cataracts and glaucoma, as well as detecting underlying general health problems like diabetes and high blood pressure

We offer eye examinations for all age​ groups

Giving all patients a detailed and personalised eye examination.

With our dedicated expertise you can be assured your vision and eye health is in safe hands. 

Bespoke Eyewear


Rather than being  faced  by racks and racks of glasses in a not so private environment wondering which to pick and then worrying if you made the right choice we changed how we work. After a discovery conversation where we find out from you what it is you’re really needing we then book an appointment for you so together we can find the perfect spectacles at a much more relaxed pace so we make sure you love your new eyewear.

Contact Lenses


There are many different types of Contact Lenses available, you can rely on our experienced optician to find the most suitable type of lens for your needs.